Castellum Underwriting are specialist insurance advisors for all owners of historic buildings and are pleased to offer our services directly.

However owners often prefer to deal with their local insurance brokers as they also advise them with regards to the insurance of vehicles, agricultural buildings, 3rd party liability and other items.

Castellum Underwriting offers the broker of your choice, our special product for historic buildings as the optimal protection of your property.

If you do not have a broker, we are happy to advise you directly!

As an underwriter, Castellum Underwriting works with brokers across Europe, offering a special insurance product for historic buildings. Brokers can register online in the brokerage portal and use the Online Calculator to calculate the insurance premium for their customers directly.

Brokers in all countries can register with us online. They will then be listed on our website as partners of Castellum Underwriting in their respective country.

Please contact us or fill out the work with us form.