The form below will create an online quotation for you.
Please fill answer the questions below (if there are no frescoes in the building please enter 0 zero).
Then enter the area of the footprint of the building (the area of land taken by the foundations) and the angle of the main roof.

Quotation Form Area/Pitch

Form to submit a quotation
  • Is access to the insured buildings for fire engines, trucks, construction equipment over the existing roads / tracks, or is access limited or not possible or only to a limited extent.
  • Is the insured property over 1.000 metres above sea level, or is it in an exposed position?
  • Are the roof eaves above 15 metres (at the main entrance of the building)?
  • Are there Timber staircases over 15 metres in height?
  • The buildings are exclusively accessible to the owner, his family and household staff
  • (Single) buildings and / or rooms are freely accessible or rented without entrance fee
  • (Individual) buildings and / or rooms are freely accessible with admission fee
  • (Individual) buildings and / or rooms are used temporarily or permanently as a museum or for exhibitions.
  • Are all the buildings are made accessible to the public
  • There are structural parts which are not repaired, but are secured (e.g. with concreted wall copings)
  • There are structural parts that are not in good repair and are unsecured.
  • Are there frescoes in the insured buildings. If none enter 0 (zero), if yes enter the number of m²
  • The value of the contents based on a percentage of the maximum value of the buildings
  • The insured is not covered for the first €3.000 or €6.000 of any claim
  • If you know the cost of rebuilding, please enter it here. If not please enter the information in the boxes below
  • Höchstentschädigung auf Basis eines Gutachtens
  • Footprint of the built area in m².
  • Angle of the roof
  • Does the building have tower(s)